Pro Enviro will support you with developing and implementing a range of internationally recognised management systems covering Energy, Environmental Management and Quality.

System Type System Name System Purpose
Environmental ISO 14001: 2015 This standard provides a solid framework within which organisations can meet environmental challenges.  Implementation provides a mechanism that can be used to ensure regulatory compliance and ongoing continuous environmental improvement, as well as achievement of competitive advantage and improved productivity.
Energy Management ISO 50001: 2011 ISO 50001 is the Energy Management System standard for improving energy performance.  It demonstrates that an organization is committed to improving its energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  Having ISO 50001 ensures compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme.
ESOS –  the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme ESOS came into force in June 2014. This regulation requires all “large” organisations to undertake energy audits and identify opportunities for energy savings.
Quality ISO 9001: 2015 This standard specifies requirements for a quality management system suitable for any organisation wishing to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products/services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.  This standard aims to increase customer satisfaction.
AS 9100: 2016 Quality Systems Aerospace Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing.  This is a globally harmonized standard that meets the requirements of aerospace companies worldwide, addressing both civil and military aviation aerospace needs.
ISO/TS 16949: 2016 This standard incorporates the requirements of the automotive sector, including relevant service part organisations.  Several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) have announced deadline dates by which time their suppliers have to upgrade to this standard.
Health and Safety OHSAS 18001 This universal H&S standard is applicable to all companies. It provides a mechanism for reducing risk and liability with regards to H&S issues and ensures a structure for continuous improvement in this area.

Integrating Management Systems

Many companies now have multiple management systems in place.  These place a high administrative burden on staff and can be time consuming, as well as reducing the time available to dedicate to achieving business goals.  Pro Enviro can help you integrate your management systems to make them less time consuming and less expensive.  We can help you work towards the implementation of one overall Integrated Management System (IMS) that will ensure the correct management of all key aspects of existing systems.

Training / Workshops

We can design and deliver bespoke training/workshop sessions for both management and workforce that deals with the way a specific topic impacts on your business and demonstrates how real improvements can be achieved.

Topics covered include:

  • Environmental management systems – Awareness raising and implementation of ISO 14001.
  • Resource efficiency reviews and value stream mapping
  • Energy audits and improvements
    Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) compliance and beyond
    Pro Enviro’s support can be tailored to your company’s requirements; from undertaking site reviews and assessments to writing procedures, providing staff training and putting management systems on-line.