Rising energy costs and regulatory compliance means that having a comprehensive understanding of how you use your energy is increasingly a business necessity.  This can be complex and time consuming.  At Pro Enviro, we have developed a range of tools to accurately monitor your energy consumption.  Our consultants will transform your data into highly visual, meaningful reports to help you understand exactly how you consume energy, to ensure that you are managing it effectively and can identify energy waste.

Why Monitor, Analyse and Manage your energy:

  • To highlight inefficiencies and reduce costs
  • To understand how and where you are using energy in your processes
  • To minimise your environmental impact and demonstrate performance against your environmental targets, especially relevant for ISO 14001 and 50001
  • To achieve legislative or regulatory compliance, especially with regards to the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Climate Change Levy (CCLA) and Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

Data can be monitored and analysed at different levels ranging from macro level to micro level of individual areas or items of plant:

Enviro Track - Making use of your half-hourly data

Half-hourly data is a record of the energy used in every half-hour period of every day.  At Pro Enviro we turn your half-hourly data into an invaluable resource for monitoring and understanding how you consume energy using our Enviro Track diagnostic tool.  With easy to read charts and tables your patterns of consumption are made clearly visible without the need to wade through often confusing energy invoices.  Enviro Track enables you to track your actual patterns of energy consumption against your production processes and thereby identifying any unusual patterns and areas where energy can be saved.  Enviro Track can help identify significant shifts in maximum demand levels and chart your maximum demand with your Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC) for example.

Metering Surveys

In any production process an understanding of the energy consumption of individual items of plant, especially the most energy intensive, is necessary to eliminate any excess consumption and identify inefficiencies.  Our Metering Surveys involve the carefully planned sub metering of such items of plant followed by a comprehensive analysis of the results.  This can lead to the development of a fully costed action plan to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Advanced Metering & Monitoring - SEE Change TM

SEE Change is Pro Enviro’s comprehensive and intuitive energy automated monitoring and targeting system which makes the job of managing otherwise invisible resources, such as electricity, gas, oil and steam, simple.  Especially suitable for companies with large energy consumption over multiple sites or multiple high energy using items of plant, a permanent aM& T system will enable you to have constant control of your energy.  By providing you with real time information it gives you the power to manage your energy consumption and costs.  SEE Change is 100% web based so data can be accessed from your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone anywhere at any time.

Pro Enviro have designed and installed systems in large energy intensive industrial sites across the country.  Each system is individually designed and costed following a full site survey and in line with your management needs.

SEE Change will provide you with the ongoing data necessary for ESOS and ISO 50001 reporting.

“Thanks to the Pro Enviro team carrying out a Business Energy Efficiency Assessment, we identified several ways we could further improve our energy efficiency. Pro Enviro’s findings identified that, by making their recommended changes, we could achieve annual financial savings of up to £18,872 and 62.81 tonnes of CO2e. They then helped us prioritise the required changes, identify and access the best available funding opportunities, and supported our grant application processes. As a result, and with the minimum of disruption, we have improved our working environment considerably and reduced our energy bills. Pro Enviro will continue to support us with meeting our energy efficiency targets and the implementation of our low carbon strategy, and I am happy to recommend them to other businesses wishing to develop a low carbon strategy and reduce their own energy costs.”

Keith Hardie, Special Projects Director, Galebreaker Agri, March 2018

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How does it work?

SEE Change is 100% web based, all you need is a web browser, running on your smartphone, tablet or PC.  This provides significant benefits as there is no software to install, administer or maintain.  Users can access SEE Change from any device without the need to download any applications to their local machine.

The system uses a combination of meters which are fixed in position on site.  The meters send data to a central data logger located on site in a safe location.  Every 30 minutes, the logger transmits data collected from meters across the site to a central secure server at our data centre.

The data is securely stored in a database and then analysed using our aM&T software.  Authorised users for any given site will be able to access the processed data and charts via a secured web-based dashboard (user level password protection).

Multiple dashboards can be created with real time data feeds to present energy consumption parameters by various plants for monitoring purposes.  Each user's dashboard can be individually configured to present the cost of energy consumed (based on current contract), the Specific Energy Consumption (based on production throughput data), the CO2 emission as well as historical data analysis and comparison.

If required, users may also have access to download any sections of the data in a spreadsheet format for further analysis.  Users may also select to be notified via alarm messages when predetermined thresholds are reached.  SEE Change provides real time visibility to your energy usage pattern, enabling the identification of waste and monitoring the performance and efficiency of plants.