In 2019 Pro Enviro joined Made in the Midlands. We realised that this would be an excellent way to network in our ‘home’ territory and help Midlands businesses reduce their carbon footprint,  increase sustainability and save money.

The ‘Made in’ Group, is all about championing British manufacturing and celebrating what the sector has to offer. We are all only too aware that manufacturers and consumers alike are concerned about the state of the environment and the reduction of both individual and collective carbon footprints.

In order to achieve the common goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, every sector, company and individual project has to operate with the environment in mind.

Pro Enviro’s goal, as a MiM member, is to offer expert support to high energy usage members, to help them effectively manage and reduce their energy consumption and implement their low-carbon strategies. As well as helping them to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and keep up with changing policies and public opinion, we offer another valuable service: we help them save money!

We successfully partner with both national and regional grant funding organisations and, whenever possible, access their finance to support our Made in the Midlands client’s energy efficiency projectsWe attended the very successful annual MiM Exhibition, held in June 2019 at the Ricoh arena, and introduced our services to many members that we had not previously managed to speak with at any of the many networking events they organise.

Made in the Midlands

We will, at no charge:

  • Survey your facilities to gain a clear knowledge of your environment, facilities and machinery
  • Gather data relating to your energy use, to back up our visual findings
  • Analyse your energy data – we have a range of sophisticated software, which provide clear profiles of consumption and identify areas where waste could be an issue
  • Report our overall findings in a comprehensive and easy to understand format, and make recommendations as and when appropriate
  • Provide details of any/all grant funding opportunities that may be available to you

This kind of information is invaluable to any company that is trying to become more environmentally conscious. It allows manufacturers to work according to a Low Carbon Strategy, which provides both short-term and long-term savings and benefits.

Please contact Deborah Green to find out more: 01788 538150 or email

“For the first time, we understand where energy is being used in our manufacturing processes and how we might control and minimise this.  Quantifying savings in term of annual tonnes of CO2e allowed us access, with administrative assistance from Pro Enviro, to substantial capital grant funding for the projects.

In all, savings of £57,178 per year in energy usage and 136.2 tonnes of CO2e were identified and we are now in the implementation stage.

This would not have been possible without the service provided by Pro Enviro’s consultants, for which we are clearly very grateful. Using their extensive energy engineering knowledge and experience, they have been able to design, cost and implement improvements quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to our day to day processes. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses that want to ensure they minimise their Carbon Footprint, implement an effective Low Carbon Strategy, and most importantly, save money on their energy bills!”

Mr Andrew Whitworth
Managing Director, A W Precision Ltd


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