Pro Enviro is now a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier – aM&T systems

Carbon Trust, December 2017

Pro Enviro has been re-appointed, for a second year, as a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier – aM&T systems

Pro Enviro is a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier for automated monitoring and targeting (aM&T) systems i.e. metering and monitoring. This was achieved upon the recognition of our remarkable track record in the design and delivery of aM&T systems. This means that by using Pro Enviro for your aM&T system, you may be eligible for a grant which covers 15% (up to £5,000) of the cost, funded by the Carbon Trust Green Business Programme.

Are you eligible?

To qualify, your business MUST:

  • Be located in England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Be a small or medium sized business (SME), which is defined as meeting two of the following three criteria:
    • No more than 250 employees;
    • Annual turnover does not exceed £25.9 million; or
    • Annual balance sheet total assets do not exceed £12.9 million.
  • Not have more than 25% of shares or voting rights owned by an entity which is not an SME.

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