Pro Enviro is now a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier – Lighting

Carbon Trust, December 2017

Pro Enviro has been re-appointed, for a second year, as a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier – Lighting systems

Pro Enviro is a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier for LED Energy Efficient Lighting Systems. This was achieved upon the recognition of our remarkable track record in the design and delivery of energy efficient lighting systems. This means that by using Pro Enviro for your lighting system, you may be eligible for a grant which covers 15% (up to £5,000) of the cost, funded by the Carbon Trust Green Business Programme.

Are you eligible?

To qualify, your business MUST:

  • Be located in England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Be a small or medium sized business (SME), which is defined as meeting two of the following three criteria:
    • No more than 250 employees;
    • Annual turnover does not exceed £25.9 million; or
    • Annual balance sheet total assets do not exceed £12.9 million.
  • Not have more than 25% of shares or voting rights owned by an entity which is not an SME.

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