Renewable Technologies – what’s new, available and could work for you?

Renewable technologies, and energy storage, will reduce your electricity costs and help with long-term energy availability.  It is possible that, in the future, as non-renewable energy sources dwindle, businesses will have to take responsibility for producing an element of their required energy.

We can advise you about renewable energy technologies that are appropriate for your business.  There are many grant funded programmes available to support your business. These offer the opportunity for in-depth research into the best options, plus the design and implementation of appropriate renewable energy sources for your working environment.  These include wind, solar, energy storage systems), air/ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

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“Thanks to Nersi Salehi and the Pro Enviro team, we now fully understand the viability of in-house solar electricity generation and battery storage at our manufacturing operation in Kidderminster.  Pro Enviro designed an efficient and cost-effective PV system and battery storage facility and then analysed the potential installation cost and energy savings in a comprehensive report.  This report assessed all installation costs, potential energy generation and savings, analysed the return on investment and identified potential grant funding streams available to support this project.
Pro Enviro also made an effective presentation to our board to ensure that all the relevant facts and figures were available to the senior management team to help our decision-making process.  I am happy to recommend Pro Enviro to any business that wishes to investigate the potential of in house sustainable energy generation and battery storage.” 
Nick Walley
Director, Brockway Carpets, May 2018