One of the many challenges faced by businesses today is how to retain a competitive edge whilst remaining compliant with health and safety legislation.  Having a well thought out and established health and safety policy isn’t just good practice, it’s essential.

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) is the most significant piece of legislation in relation to health and safety issues.  All companies must carry out risk assessments, and for those with five employees or more, records must be retained and updated when necessary.  Pro Enviro specialises in conducting Health & Safety Risk Assessments for companies using hazardous chemicals.  We can help such companies reconcile their activities and health and safety investments in order to:

  • Anticipate and control risks
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations
  • Achieve sustainable development
  • Optimise costs and control budgets


The Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations 1999 (current version 2015) were introduced with the aim of preventing and mitigating the effects of major accidents involving dangerous substances, which can cause serious damage or harm to people or the environment.

Companies that have quantities of certain types of dangerous substance(s) in excess of defined controlled quantities are required to meet with the requirements of the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations. The regulations apply to generic substance types as well as named substances. Operators of such sites are required to provide a significant amount of information to the Competent Authority (CA) in order to meet the requirements of the regulations. Pro Enviro have provided advice under COMAH to a wide range of organisations in the manufacturing, chemical and logistics sectors involved in handling of aerosols, alcoholic mixtures and other high risk substances.

Pro Enviro can advise on all aspects of managing risk under the COMAH regulations including:

  • Developing and auditing a Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Producing a Safety Report
  • Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP)
  • Major Accident to the Environment (MATTE) reviews
  • Emergency Plan or any other technical reports
  • Risk assessments required by the CA

COMAH 5 Year Reviews

There is a further requirement on site operators to undertake a systems review every 5 years or at any time when there is significant operational change. Pro Enviro's consultants can undertake reviews of existing COMAH sites to ensure that risk management systems continue to be suitable and sufficient and recommend improvements where these will benefit you in properly managing risk.

Major benefits of COMAH and related studies are:

  • Identify potential dangers to people and the environment in advance
  • Provides opportunity to plan preventive and corrective measures
  • Helps in identifying high risk processes and related safety measures required
  • Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

How Pro Enviro Can Help

Pro Enviro has extensive experience in helping businesses to implement systems to manage their obligations under COMAH and DSEAR. We can assist with all aspects of the process of COMAH compliance, including notification and application for Hazardous Substances Planning Consent; risk assessment; preparation of the Safety Report; and ongoing support during the intervention process.

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

Pro Enviro can provide assessments of workplace risks under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations. Our experienced consultants will assess the risks posed from all your hazardous substances and ensure you meet the requirements of the regulations.

We can:

  • Identify what hazardous substances are used in your workplace and document the risks posed from these substances
  • Provide practical advice on how to prevent or control the exposure from such substances
  • Help implement control measures and safety procedures on site
  • Prepare plans and procedures to deal with accidents, incidents and emergencies
  • Make sure personnel are properly informed and trained in COSHH requirements